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iCDRM is Website Development, ADs Management and Social Media & Video Marketing
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We offer all the services you need to get your online business noticed. We also specialize in

Video Production & Social Media

These days Videos and Social Media can make or break you when trying to stand out against your competition. Along with good SEO all these things together is what get you found on the internet. 


Website Development is Everything

Integrating Google's Tools and Your Social Media is Necessary 

iCDRM is a one stop solution for getting your business online fast, noticed and nothing is more important these days in getting you found in searches than your website, it is your best marketing component. iCDRM is high-end website design and development to fast, ready-to-go- templates for any budget. iCDRM has been designing and developing websites on the internet since the internet's very early days and now going on 25 years in business. This experience, knowing where all the best resources are, keeping up with the latest trends, coding and meta data to get you found in searches is what 25 years of doing this gets you... but in the fastest and most cost efficient way possible.


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It all start with website design but these days the trick is making good looking websites that have code and content the way google requires it for good SEO. Google has made a whole bunch of rules that if done right, will get you noticed on the internet.  Registering you with all the google tools, writing good content that way google likes to read it is the tricky part and takes some finesse to move you up in rankings. 


Another strategy that will help you rank well in search engines these days is linking your social media sites in the tools google gives you. Posting Videos is also a way to stand out in competitive searches. It's even more helpful if you post content or videos on a regular basis, but most people will quickly realize how time consuming this is. Posting content and videos that help you show up in ideal keyword searches is something we specialize in. Content writing and using H-Tags is a big part of web design and marketing.  


SEO and Marketing is saying to yourself, "I'm ready to treat my online business like I would a real business". Your online business can make so much more money if you do your google settings just right, so if you are ready to hire you first employee for this, remember, for a comparable rate, we can do everything you need for what most companies pay ONE low paid employee. Don't hire someone just because they were $30,000 a year only to find out it takes them twice as long to get you job done and can't do multiple skills, hire iCDRM for less and get SEO, marketing, content writing, social media marketing and video production. 


Newbies in this business waste your time and money. We use the exact same solutions Fortune 500 companies use. Because we know where all the resources are, weeded through the good and bad over the years, stay on top of the latest trends and app developers, we therefore give you what you need for the same rate if not less than if you hired what you think is a good employee just because he is in-house. But we do make house-calls too :-)

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