SEO Marketing Basics

    SEO Marketing Basics

    SEO Keywords & Marketing Defined

    The most important aspects of good SEO marketing is finding keywords, although it is important to know that keywords can no longer be used the way they used to be to trick search engines, these days your keywords need to be used in legitimate terms and phrases that can generate traffic to your website. Making the content (and code) of your site friendly to search engines along with linking to other sites that help prove you are real or in the category you should be in (similar sites, vendor sites, supporting articles) and making parts of your site have original aspects so you stand out just a bit. 

    Search Engine Optimization Explained

    Search Engine Optimization  is an is an often misunderstood phrase and strategy. But in general these days its all about making Google  (and yes, those other guys, lol) be able to read your website like a real person would. No short-cuts, no tricks, no BS. So whether you want to call it AI (Artificial Intelligence) or Algorithms, and it is a bit of both, you need to write your website pages and post articles to read normal as the software today actually reads you website page like a real human. But the software still needs a little help form code on your site. You need to follow a system, a hierarchy,  that Google has set in place and all the other search engines have adopted (since Google is by far the most widely used search engine). We’ll get into this more but using your keywords in page and paragraph titles called H-Tags from 1 to 6 and in order of importance is one of the big steps.  These tags in the code of your paragraphs is what tells the search engine algorithms “look here” and that this is what your content is about. 

    So whenever you think you have written your website pages as best as you can you need to do the next step (or have us do it ;-). But in general you need to use a bunch of different tools to register your site or articles as you write them so the search engines “index” them and then they visit your site and look for those H-Tags as well as all the text in your pages and articles. 

    These are the BASIC steps you need to follow for good SEO:

    • 1. Using Search Engine Tools like Google’s Search Console, Analytics, Google-My-Business as well as tools that help check your content for readability as Search Engine might read them, like Yoast. 
    • 2. Determine what searches you want to show up under and write content that answers those questions. And if its a competitive category write things that may be a bit more creative and stand out.  
    • 3. Make sure your content contains your keywords, and variations, quite a bit but not so much that it looks like you are trying to “spam” you content or ruing it’s readability. 
    • 4. How long your readers stay on your page (and this goes for Video SEO too!) is also important. This means making content look nice too with images and paragraphs that grab their attention early making them feel like you will answer their questions. But don’t make them feel tricked either. 
    • 5. A bit more advanced steps “that help” is to make sure your content has links that support your articles as well as having your meta-data just right, which is your how your page titles use your keywords, using schema, snippets and other things that help the search engine “identify and hot to display” your content for search engine results.

      If you want to understand some of these steps a bit more, read up at the links below.

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