SEO is Search Engine Optimization

SEO Marketing

Attract More Customers

SEO is knowing the steps to get you indexed on search engines and making your content just right so you show up in the places you need to.

SEO Marketing

SMM is Social Media Marketing

These days adding Social Media profiles to certain areas that Google asks you for it can also give you a big boost in being found.

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and in all the other search engines too.


There are certain things you need to do to take full advantage of good SEO


These are the basic four steps you need done to start getting found on the internet.


Register Your Website

Getting you Indexed and searchable on the internet is the the very first step. In the same console you can also submit your "sitemap, a way google knows which pages to "index", which is a big boot for SEO.


Track Your Results

Setup the tools to start tracking your progress. Google analytics is where you can see all sorts of information about how much traffic you are getting, where people are looking, how long they are staying, etc.


Business Page Exposure

If you have a business location, this is that box that shows up on the right side of some searches showing off a business' interior, hours, reviews, contact links, services, etc. It's also a great SEO booster.


Readability Test

Google reads your site looking for tricks and spam as well as where to place you in searches. Your website must read like a human wrote it. This tool help you do that by showing your readability score.

The Next Steps - SEO Marketing

Getting You Indexed and showing up in some search results will happen. Getting you to show up in search results you want to show up or where your competition is showing up is more time consuming but is also where your revenue starts coming in for these SEO Marketing efforts.